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Advantages of LEGO bricks

Of the main advantages of the Lego brick is worth noting: Ease and accuracy of brickworks due to available two through-holes with guides. These holes may be used for laying communications. Sufficient heat and cold resistance. High strength of product - up to 300 kg/cm². Product is resistant to dirt, easy to clean with water. Durability and wear resistance to chipping and cracking. Wide variety of textures and colors. Small costs of brickworks - one bag of glue (25 kg) is enough for laying 500 bricks. Seismic resistance is higher than for typical silicate or ceramic products. Impeccable appearance.

The technology of making lego bricks


Filler - 80-92% (gravel, sand, wastes from crushing limestone and granite rocks, screening shots, soil, etc.);

Cementitious component - 8-20% (e.g. Portland cement.);

Pigments for coloring colored concrete;


Specialized plasticizers.

One cube has 500 bricks; 1600 kg of screenings and 220 kg of cement are needed to produce it.

The machine dimensions allow you to work in a small room.

To create a LEGO-like brick manufacturing chain, you will need:

1. Machine

2. Sifter

3. Mixer (preferably of forced type).

Technological stages of production:

1. Dosing of raw materials;

2. Screening of raw materials;

3. Grinding and mixing of raw materials;

4. Pressing, molding of products;

5. Setting of product strength.