Lego bricks machine

Startup and configuration

Startup and configuration 5bricks machine

Before starting the machine, it is necessary to do the following:


1. Place the machine on flat ground.

2. Release the machine from packing, hopper, feeder and protection.

3. Install the storage hopper on the machine housing, while initially bringing

a dispenser under it. The hopper is fastened with four bolts installed on the sides

of the platform on which the dispenser moves.

4. Put the storage hopper slots on the bolts and tighten them.

5. Adjust the roller which supports the dispenser platform and tighten the nuts. The dispenser should move freely.

Connection of machine


The motor must be connected by an electrician via magnetic starter (supplied with the machine). The rotation of the motor must match the arrow printed on the sleeve.


1. Electrical connection of machine should be carried out taking into account
direction of rotation of the motor! Direction of motor rotation indicated by
arrow on the sleeve connecting the electric motor with hydraulic pump.
It is necessary to make a test run of the motor (without oil) for 1 second
to check the direction of rotation. Press form should be open before
starting of blank test.

2. Pour 10-12 liters of hydraulic oil through tank inlet.

3. All threaded joints (hoses, fittings) should be inspected after first start since slacking is possible
during transportation. Draw up joints if it is necessary.

4. Test the alignment of electric motor and hydraulic pump since shift is possible during

5. Lubrication of all oilers should be carried out routinely (every 10 hours).

6. Conserving grease should be removed before starting.

7. Position of the hopper should allow free moving of dispenser.

8. Hydraulic distributor has adjusting bolt. Slacking of it leads to decrease of maximal bypass
pressure. Bolt should be adjusted in a manner which assures deceleration of motor rather than
motor stoppage at maximal pressure (at the time of brick-molding).

9. Residues of feedstock should be blown away after every operating cycle. Clean molds by wire
brush after every 30-40 operating cycles.

10. Monitor the temperature of actuating fluid. Take pauses that fluid can get cool (especially in hot
weather conditions).

11. Clean equipment (blow away all residues) at the end of workday. Treat equipment with
anticorrosive liquid (e.g. WD-40).

Conection of 5bricks machine

Install the protective element on the hydraulic tank by means of fixing bolts mounted on the
tank. Prepare the working mixture in the mixer, fill the hopper with this mixture, fill the press
form working mixture with working mixture by means of dispenser and test the machine in
operation mode.
The machine kit includes a figured matrix for production of special bricks for building of armorclad
belt, arches or channels for communication lines (pipes, cables).

Installation of the figured matrix in working position

■ Lift up the open lower matrix (machine should be in no-loaded

■ Unscrew its fixture (two flush screws) and unscrew the matrix on the cover.

■ Interchange the matrices and fix them with screws.

■ Using M-6-45 screws, fix the figured matrix on the matrix, which
is located in the press form (bottom).

■ Lower it down at the no-load mode.Now machine is ready for production of

special bricks for buildingof channels. Changeover for serial production of bricks

is in reverse order.

Installation of the figured matrix

Adjustment of parallelism of upper and lower brick sides

The parallelism of upper/lower sides of bricks is adjusted by moving the lower part of the power
block within the adjusting slots.

1. Lower the matrix in the lowest position.

2. Loose the threaded connections (see photo).

3. Check the distance from top edge of the mold block to the matrix by means of

hole-gauge on either side.

4. In case of deviations, align the distance between the upper
edge of the mold block and matrix by sliding the lower part
of the power unit.

5. Tighten the threaded connections.

Adjustment of parallelism of upper and lower brick sides

Adjustment of hopper and dispenser

1. Loose the threaded connections whereby the hopper is fasten to the frame of mold

2. Make a gap between the rear wall of the hopper and the dispenser ~ 1 mm.

3. Check the possibility of dispenser free movements.

4. Tighten the threaded connections.

Adjustment of hydraulic distribution valve

1. Loose the control nut of distributor adjusting bolts (see photo).

2. Use the hex wrench to turn the adjusting bolt.

3. Check how the hydraulic system operates at critical loads (when being

under the critical load, the motor should run slightly slowing down but not


4. The adjustment may be changed depending on how the motor is connected

(star,triangle) and the supply voltage.

Adjustment of hydraulic distribution valve

Warranty period - 1 year from the date of purchase